miércoles, 15 de julio de 2009

'A poor young woman'

Years pass quicky,
people change.
But I am still in the same step.
I saw your photo
and I didn`t know
If I felt sad or felt worried.
I think I feel alone.

My own deception,
is be myself,
cause I don´t know who I am
and what is my way.
I might be only a name.

In the rollercoaster I am not afraid,
but about the life I can´t say the same.

I am so small, in this big city.
I don`t wanna be frightened,
but I can´t see my reflection in the mirror and say 'I`m ok'.

My soul.
My uninhabited
Don´t you feel the same?
Perceive the pain.
Perceive so cold.
He said ' I am so sorry but you are not my love'.
It`s not a nightmare but I wish I would let him go.

Failure, are you friend or foe?
I didn`t think you would love me, but I didn`t know.
I feel so poor.
I am sorry about.

Hi, life! I want you to play with me.
And I don´t want to loose more time.
I just want to win.
Love Prix.


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